How can I tell if I am in an area receiving fluoride?
Some areas in our northern area are not fluoridated because we share a tank with Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water District and they do not fluoridate their water supply. You can also contact the District Customer Service Department at 425-392-6256 with your address and/or account number and we will let you know if your water is fluoridated.Fluoridation Zones Map (PDF)

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1. What is fluoride?
2. Why do water providers add fluoride to their water supply?
3. How is fluoride added to the water supply?
4. How can I tell if I am in an area receiving fluoride?
5. Why are some areas of the District not fluoridated?
6. What if I don't want fluoride in my water?
7. Will the District reimburse me for costs I expend to install treatment devices to remove fluoride?
8. My dental care or health care provider has been giving our family fluoride supplements. Should I continue or stop using these supplements?
9. Where can I find more information about fluoridation?