Start or Stop Water/Sewer Service

August 24, 2021 - The sewer moratorium has expired. The sewer moratorium allowed the District’s Board of Commissioners to review metrics and further assess the situation with respect to immediate and interim improvements designed to expand capacity of the sewer system. The District is accepting connections again with an adjusted process, including a modified timing of payment of certain District fees as well as updated conditions to District-issued Certificates of Water and Sewer Availability.

Start/Stop Service Form

A written request is required to start or stop service within the District. We have made it easy by providing a form for you to submit electronically. 

When purchasing or selling a home to complete the form you will need:

  • Date of possession
  • Buyer and seller name(s), if available
  • Address of the home
  • Forwarding address for the seller
  • Contact Phone Numbers for both buyer and seller

To complete the form for a rental home you will need:

  • Date of possession
  • Tenants name and contact phone number
  • Address of the rental home
  • Owner/landlord name, forwarding address and contact phone number
  • If applicable, property management name, mailing address and contact phone number

Have questions? Customer Service will be happy to help please call us at: 425.392.6256 or e-mail us at