Construction Phase

Construction Phase covers all construction, inspection and testing of the new water and/or sewer facilities. At the conclusion of the Construction Phase the facilities should be ready for service. Construction Phase PDF for Printing

DEA Process Header: Steps and Submittals; Connection and Process Fees and Charges
Construction part of the DEA process, including steps, submittals, and charges

25. Development Services Payments

  • Bills for the District’s labor costs and expenses will be billed to the Developer on a Time and Materials basis throughout the development project.
  • Invoices will be provided on a monthly basis and charges are due within 30 days.

26. Developer Contractor Installs Facilities Subject to District Inspection

  • Developer’s Contractor installs the water and/or sewer facilities, with inspection by District inspector throughout the construction.

27. Field Tests

  • Inspection of the water and/or sewer facility installation includes field tests including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Water Systems
      • Pressure Testing
      • Purity Tests
      • Cross-Connection Review and Backflow Assembly Tests
    • Sewer Systems
      • Air Test
      • Jetting system
      • Close-Caption TV review

28. Punchlist Inspection & Final Corrections

  • The Developer indicates the water and/or sewer construction is complete by provision of:
    • Contractor Declaration of Construction Completion
    • Contractor Markups on Construction Plans and Field Notes
    • Surveyor Final As-Built Locations
    • Engineer Point-Plot Map superimposed on Approved Construction Plans
    • Draft As-built Plans (2 sets plus Electronic Auto-Cad Files)
  • The District Inspector will review the as-built information and complete a Punchlist inspection. The District will provide the Developer and Contractor with a list of items that need correction.
  • The Punchlist inspection and correction will be repeated until all items have been satisfactorily completed.
  • In addition, the District will provide notes on any required modifications to the draft As-built Plans.

29. District Accepts Facilities

  • The District accepts the water and/or sewer facilities.
  • This is acceptance of the field facilities only.