Emergency Planning

Protecting your water and sewer system
Service main breaks, severe weather, power outages, and earthquakes. These are just a few potential hazards that can happen at any time, with little to no warning. At the District, we are constantly looking at ways to be prepared for these realities. Even though we take extensive measures to protect your water and sewer system from damage, if a major disaster strikes our region, water and sewer service could likely be interrupted for an extended amount of time. Depending upon the severity of the emergency, it could be several days, or even weeks before services are fully restored.

This is why we take emergency preparedness very seriously and constantly look for ways we can improve our resiliency and ability to maintain services, even during times of emergencies. Browse through the links along the left side bar to learn about our efforts to protect your water and sewer system, and what actions you and your family can take now to prepare as well.